current event : 

from 12.05.19
to 27.06.19


Exhibition Venue: Corte Supernova

in collaboration with Pas-e
Partners: Soup Kitchen, BrokenGreyWires, Univeristy of Salford Manchester,
My Art Guide

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Corte Supernova presents:


curator: Chris Bailkoski
artists: Omid Asadi, Lizz Brady, Nicola Dale, Nightshift International (Sarah Boulter & Elliott Flanagan) and John Powell-Jones

Residencies & presentations
from 12.05.2019 to 27.06.2019

Proforma Pavilion:

Proforma Pavilion is an ever-changing exhibition presenting the work of six emerging artists whose work explores increasingly shifting notions of identity in the UK through a dynamic blend of performance, intervention, film, sound and live art, these new works explore topics from psychological isolation and personal reality; power structures, immigration and conflict; superficial boundaries, mental health and social engagement; to relationships, intimacy, and aspiration.

Curated by Chris Bailkoski, Corte Supernova will become an active research and social space as new ideas are explored and artworks are created. This Venetian residency-as-exhibition-as-event disrupts conventional exhibition practices by becoming a space that embraces the chaotic politics of change and processes of making through daily activity, weekly discussions and transformative events.