Corte SUPERNOVA is a multidisciplinar space dedicated to contemporary visual art, sound, music and video. The space hosts four indipendent studios (PASE, Alberto Favretto, MACO & Marian Mentrup, Michele Braga) and a main hall.

The sinergies created by its unique configuration result in a flexible space that act as catalyst for artistic experimentation, it encourages multiple perspectives, with the aim to engage relations and widen definitions for sonic and visual cultures.

The building itself, which used to be a wood workshop, has been conceived as a versatile, modular base made to adapt to the different needs of the production process. This conversion has been developed by Pase in collaboration with the studio Omri Revesz design. The result is a unique workspace for research and experimentation where the development of artistic, technical and educational paths are able to take place and cross over with ease.

Thanks to its characteristics and our personal network the space plays a unique role in the city as an international ground for cultural and artistic exchanges.